3x Christmas Gift Santa Bags Set Felt Candy Stocking Sack Xmas Kids Pouches Wrap


Set of 3 festive fabric gift bags, each adorned with a unique Christmas character. Perfect for candies or small presents, adding a touch of holiday magic to your gifts.

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Add a touch of festive charm to your gift-giving with our set of 3 Christmas Santa Gift Bags! Each bag measures 27 x 19cm (approx. 10.63 x 7.48 inches), these bags are the perfect size for candy, small gifts, or tokens of appreciation. Crafted from quality fabric, these bags not only serve as attractive gift wrappers but also as keepsake pouches that recipients can use for years.

  • Vibrant Character Designs: Each bag features a distinctive Christmas character – a joyful reindeer, a jolly Santa, and a cheerful snowman.
  • Durable Fabric Material: Crafted to last, ensuring repeated use season after season.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for candies, gifts, or as charming decor pieces.
  • Tight Seal: Ensures your gifts remain a delightful surprise until unwrapped.
  • Packaged as a Set: Offering a diverse range of designs for varied tastes.

This item is sold in a set of 3 bags with various designs.

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