6x 12″ Large Christmas Bon Bons Xmas Foil Luxury Premium Crackers Gift Fun Toy


Bring joy and festive spirit to your celebrations with our large 12-inch Christmas Bon Bons, featuring vibrant printed foil and fun toys inside for a delightful surprise.


Add a splash of fun and excitement to your festive celebrations with our large 12-inch Christmas Bon Bons. Each bon bon is meticulously crafted with vibrantly printed foil, encapsulating a world of joy and surprises with fun toys inside. These crackers are not just a treat to open but a delight to the eyes, enhancing your Christmas table setup with their festive design. Perfect for all age groups, they promise laughter, joy, and a sprinkle of Christmas magic, making them a must-have for your holiday celebrations.

  • Large 12-inch Size: Ensures a grand presence on your festive table, promising bigger surprises inside.
  • Printed Foil Design: Adds a vibrant and festive touch to your Christmas decorations.
  • Fun Toys Inside: Each bon bon contains one hat, one joke and a fun toy, bringing joy and excitement to both kids and adults.
  • Festive Cracker: Enhances the festive atmosphere, encouraging joy and laughter during the celebrations.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Designed to be a source of fun and enjoyment for everyone at the gathering.

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