6x Christmas Stubby Stubbie Holders Beer Bottle Drink Can Cooler Santa Reindeer


Set of 6 festive stubby holders with sealed bottoms, available in various Christmas designs, perfect for holiday celebrations.


Stay cool at Christmas time with these awesome drink covers. These Fun Christmas / holiday can coolers are perfect for entertaining and parties! Each holder is crafted with a sealed bottom for enhanced insulation and stability, which not only keeps your beverage colder for longer but also provides a stable base, preventing potential spills or tipping.

  • Variety of Designs: Choose from a range of festive designs to suit your holiday mood.
  • Closed Bottom: The sealed bottom ensures maximum insulation and prevents condensation.
  • Perfect Size: Each holder measures 7cm (2.8″) in diameter and 11cm (4.3″) tall.
  • Pack of 6: Great value with a set of 6, ensuring you have one for every guest.
  • Festive Touch: Adds a special Christmas charm to your beverage experience.

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