Adjustable STRAPLESS BACKLESS Invisible BRA Push Up Silicone Lingerie Drawstring


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  • Brand New and High Quality
  • Colour: Black/Nude (2 Designs available)
  • Material
    Surface Mesh: Nylon + spandex,
    Inner layer: silicone,
    Accessories: cord + plastic buckle
  • Same day dispatch from Melbourne


Cleaning and maintenance
1. How to remove
First, unlock the anterior cingulate, and then cover with one hand and hold the center, one hand extended direction buttons slowly. Peel off the cup, after removing, if there is sticky residue on the skin, just gently wipe with a paper towel, etc.

2. How to clean
Put warm water after each use, must contain emollients or neutral soap.
If not lightly wash, sweat discharge will remain in & the cover label gel will slowly loosen.

3. Air Dry
Recommend hand wash, do not machine wash, dewatering and drying can not be washed with hot water, the water temperature can only be washed at room temperature. After washing, gently hijacked excess water and then put the basin or place is not easy to stick dust dry naturally.
Do not use paper towels or a towel. If the wool falls on the surface of the cup of paste, paste and life will have the effect of weakening. Invisible bra, etc.
After drying, replace the transparent protective film as soon as possible to prevent dust or anything attached surface.

Remember: Do not lose a transparent protective film; Invisible bra when not in use, the transparent protective film is attached to the top.

Item Included:
1x Push Up Invisible Bra



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