Full Safety Face Cover Protection Anti-Splash Mask Clear Shield Glasses Anti-Fog




  • Fully transparent protective mask, anti-fog, anti-splash, isolation masks, full face protection.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear, quick and easy to don.
  • Hypoallergenic foam bands can absorb sweat and provide enough room for eyeglasses or safety goggles.
  • Effectively protect your entire face.
  • Equipped with foam pads, it will not be uncomfortable for a long time.
  • It can effectively avoid the infection of personnel caused by body fluids;
  • Prevent droplets, aerosols, harmful liquids, dust splashes from damaging or cross-infecting people’s faces and eyes. Large protective area and good effect, the protective range can reach the entire face

Material: PET + sponge

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Weight 0.1 kg

Zmart Australia


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