Mens Merino Wool Heavy Duty Socks Extra Thick Double Cushion Tradie Warm Thermal


These Heavy Duty Merino Wool Work Socks offer superior warmth and comfort with their dual-layer construction and full inner cushioning. Designed for durability and foot health, they’re perfect for work or everyday wear.



Experience ultimate comfort and warmth with these Heavy Duty Merino Wool Work Socks. Designed for long-lasting wear, these socks feature a dual-layer construction with an inner layer of breathable wool and an outer layer for durability. The socks are anti-bacterial and anti-odour, ensuring your feet stay fresh and healthy. With no tight elastic, superior absorption, and full inner cushioning, these socks are perfect for work or everyday wear.

  • Heavy Duty: Designed for long-lasting wear
  • Dual Layer Construction: Inner layer of breathable wool and outer layer for durability
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Odour: Keeps feet fresh and healthy
  • No Tight Elastic: Comfortable fit without constriction
  • Superior Absorption: Promotes foot health
  • Full Inner Cushioning: Provides extra comfort
  • Content & Care: 90% Wool + 10% Elastane, Machine washable on a warm cycle, Do not tumble dry

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