Pop Its Push It Pop Bubble Fidget Toy Sensory Stress Relief Tiktok Game Gift


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Bubble Push Pop Its Fidget Toy Sensory Extrusion Special Needs Stress Relief Game Gift. They are suitable for kids and adults, everyone at any age can use this item and its great purposes and features.

  • KEEP YOUR HANDS BUSY – The pop fidgets are a fantastic way to lessen anxiety and aid Focus. Additionally, they are an ideal tool for dealing with unwanted habits. Fight your nail-biting or smoking and replace them instead with relaxing and calming pops of our fidget pops.
  • QUALITY LASTING MATERIAL – Made of high-grade silicone, the fidgets will keep you occupied for a long time. Do not worry about dirtying them, as a quick wash will bring them back to a sparkling clean condition and keep them almost endlessly reusable. It is an awesome individual or group activity toy. Can be used at home or work, it is easy to carry so take it with you anywhere you go.
  • FIGHT YOUR TICS / FIDGETS – This great toy benefits in reducing stress and anxiety. Coordination and fine motor skills are developing while playing as well as muscles of small hands. They can be used as a coffee or drink holder when not in use. Thanks to their calming effect, they are great toys for people with ADHD, Autism or anyone with sensory and concentration issues. Allows much-needed distraction and helps in the development of tactile awareness.
  • GAME – This colourful toy can be a game for two players. The rules are simple the first player chooses a row and pops as many bubbles as they want in the same row, the opponent does the same on his/her turn. Keep taking turns until there is only one last bubble to pop. The player who needs to pop the last-bubble loses! This game will bring hours of fun. Play as much as you want and develop your strategic thinking.

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