Santen Sante FX Neo V+ Cool Eye Drops Wash One Piece Monkey Law Limited Version




Designs: Monkey D Luffy (Neo) / Trafalgar Law (V Plus)


Eye tiredness is due to the burden on the eyes. Sante eyedrops promotes the tissue metabolism of tired eyes, and it exerts its effect on fatigue and congestion of eyes. In addition, a refreshing feeling spreads from the surface of the eyes with a feeling of strong cooling sensation. I want to refresh my eyes! It is an eye drop to meet such needs.


Different between NEO and V Plus Eyedrops:

Sante FX V Plus was developed to improve upon the extremely popular FX NEO eye drops. FX V Plus meets the needs of those people who want to nutritionally replenish their eyes as well as being refreshed. To achieve this, vitamins, amino acids, and more cooling agents have been added to the formula, resulting in the Sante FX V Plus product.

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