The Wiggles Playhouse & Storybook Playset w Interactive Book Foam House Play Mat

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Bring The Wiggles’ world to life with this Storybook and Playhouse Set, featuring a buildable playhouse, stand-up character pieces, and a play mat for endless imaginative play.

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Dive into the colourful world of The Wiggles with our Storybook and Playhouse Set, a perfect blend of reading and imaginative play for young fans. This engaging set includes a vibrant storybook, a buildable foam model house, stand-up pieces of your favourite Wiggles characters, and a versatile play mat. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor play, it encourages creative storytelling and role-play as children build their own Wiggles Playhouse and brings their favourite songs and stories to life. The durable foam construction ensures safe and long-lasting fun, while the included play mat transforms any space into a Wiggles-themed adventure.

  • Engaging Storybook: Includes a colourful book featuring beloved Wiggles characters and stories.
  • Buildable Playhouse: A foam model house that kids can easily assemble for imaginative play.
  • Interactive Play Pieces: Stand-up pieces of Wiggles friends for creative storytelling.
  • Versatile Play Mat: Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, bringing the Wiggles world anywhere.
  • Encourages Creativity: Fosters imagination, storytelling, and role-playing skills.

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